Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for high-level meetings and negotiations
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Based in Brussels and Geneva,
I offer translation services around the world. 
Who is Anton Klevansky?

I collaborate with international organizations, companies, business associations, diplomatic missions, conference organizers and private individuals. 

800+ days working with international organizations

1,500+ projects completed on behalf of private clients

Accredited to EU Institutions and UN Structures

Active in the translation and interpreting industry since 2007

Member of the International Association of Conference Translators (AIIC)

Member of examination boards in European translation schools. 

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I work in the following language combinations
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My reputation as a language professional is spotless. You can trust me to handle the organization and turnaround of turnkey translation projects—I can provide translation services, as well as full technical support for your event, wherever it is held.

You focus entirely on your spoken address, while I guarantee that each meeting participant will understand quickly and precisely what was said, how and why—words, meaning and context. Each will be heard and understood.

Born in Russia into a Ukrainian family and having spent my upbringing in Belarus, I am well acquainted with each of these countries and their languages. I have been living in English and French language environments since 2010.


If you are anticipating an important meeting and you need accurate translation at the appropriate level, our collaboration is an ideal solution.


I work in two main formats

simultaneously (I speak at the same time as the speaker without making pauses, and maintaining the pace and natural flow of the meeting) and
consecutively (I speak after the speaker has completed their address or a portion of it).

I can organize the installation of the necessary equipment and recruit additional translators of the highest quality.

Remote Interpreting

I can arrange simultaneous or consecutive interpreting services, including online video translation services. I have conducted more than 300 remote translation projects to date. I schedule a test call, conduct a technical consultation, and assist in adjusting optimal sound settings for the convenience and comfort of all.

Meetings can also be conducted in hybrid, combined format in which some participants are present in person, and others take part remotely.

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Sworn translation

I am authorised to translate personal and corporate documents in Belgium. After taking the official oath, I was inscribed by the Minister of Justice (Belgium) on the official register of sworn translators.

I can also translate the accompanying written materials for your event. I work according to the “four” and “six” eye principle: all translations are proofread and given expert editing if necessary. This is achieved by involving the appropriate specialists.

Discussing your project

Organizing event translation

If you are planning an international conference involving translators (working in any foreign language), I can assist you in two ways.

Firstly, I am pleased to advise you on all organizational and technical aspects.

Secondly, I can take on the management of your project and provide for all your needs (team of translators, equipment, the joy of a successful meeting).

Discussing your project

Pharmaceutical translation services

In addition to standard interpreting and translation services, I organize translation support for GMP inspections (more than 30 projects undertaken), involving field visits or conducted remotely.

I have undergone GMP training and understand all the technical and organizational issues. I have extensive experience working with major manufacturers.


Level of quality

The majority of customers continue to collaborate with me on the basis of their first experience of my translation services. I become the “voice” by which they choose to communicate with the world.

I suggest that we discuss your project and consider what we can do together to ensure that your partners hear, understand and respect you.

I translate more than words, I translate thoughts, meaning, context, even non-verbal signals.

I observe strict confidentiality, even when the client does not require me to sign a non-disclosure agreement.  

I only ever undertake projects that I am capable of performing well, and, when necessary, I draw on the most highly qualified professionals in my field.

I understand the countries with whose languages I work: the peculiarities of their culture, traditions, habits and taboos.

I am technically competent and have an excellent command of translation and interpreting equipment.

I have an excellent grasp of international relations, think like an entrepreneur, and am always “au fait".

I am constantly increasing my knowledge base, following the news, so that I am always prepared when the conversation moves to third-party topics or shifts into an informal gear. 

I am always punctual, as a rule arriving well in advance. Preparation is always tailored to each individual event, as you will discover for yourself.


Saving the occasion even under force majeure

The Central Chamber of Commerce and Industry of one European country was planning a meeting in the form of a “business networking club” for Russian-speaking businessmen. According to the format, the interpreters sit at a table with the representatives of companies from country A, and are approached in turn by representatives of the companies from country B for a period of 10–15 minutes during which they can introduce themselves and chat. 

Due to the pandemic, the entire event was placed in jeopardy. After consulting with me, the organizers decided to take a risk and try using the online format. The team and I developed a thorough schedule supported by a parallel connections matrix, and sourced the necessary number of translators and technical specialists.

Everything went “top marks”, and soon we were asked to run a similar event for a group of companies in another country.

There is always a solution

Brussels, online video meeting with Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov. Provision had been made for simultaneous translation, and I was preparing to begin. At the very last moment, due to a technical failure on the side of other contractors, the interpreting equipment failed. 

I reassured the organizers, went on stage and translated the meeting consecutively—I am equally comfortable working with either form of interpreting service.

Putting the client first

Complex official international negotiations were supposed to end at 17:00. Millions of people in several European countries were waiting to learn of the outcome. But the meeting dragged on, and around 20:00, the troubled organizer asked us what we should do about the situation. It would have been impossible for the work to continue with the translators, and yet it was totally unrealistic for a second team of translators to be found at the last minute, at that time of night, and in that particular city.

We agreed to carry on working, requesting a number of additional breaks, and put off all other discussions related to working conditions until the next day. Negotiations were concluded at around 05:00 am the following morning. The necessary compromise was reached. 

Handling complex events involving multiple languages

The 2022 Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony was translated in parallel into the Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian languages. Multiple languages always add an extra level of responsibility: it requires competently organizing a team in order to minimize the time taken by “relay” translation (relay: when the speaker makes an address, for example, in Norwegian, another colleague translates it into English, and I translate the English translation into Russian).

I helped the organizers fill the shortfall in translators, and explained how to distribute the load between them more efficiently. In addition to interpreting, my team also took on the necessary written translations. The organizers were left more than satisfied.

“Are you now the leading translator in Europe?”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs for a country in which Russian is the official language was conducting a diplomatic tour of Europe. Representatives of the foreign ministries of four EU countries appealed to me simultaneously requesting that I act as interpreter on their behalf. 

On the fourth day, when I appeared with the next European leader, the minister looked at me in surprise and asked, “Are you now the leading translator in Europe?”

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